Connecticut can be the place to live and age well - the place where graduates stay and work, where young families come to raise their kids, where long-term residents remain.

Connecticut can grow livable communities, smart development and a workforce equipped for the modern economy. I believe in Connecticut - we’re a small yet resourceful state. Let’s put our “CT Can-Do” attitude to work!


Excellent Public Education and Student Loan Relief

Education is the entire foundation for our state’s future. As the proud daughter of a public school teacher, I believe that we need to invest in public education that includes a competitive curriculum, practical training in fields like health research and development, advanced manufacturing and STEM, and a vibrant arts program. All of our young people should have access to world class education so we can thrive as a state with a talent-driven economy.

We need to consider long-term strategies, like restructuring the way we fund education, as well as long-term investments like debt relief for college graduates who chose to live and work in Connecticut. Planning and investing for our future generations will have a lasting impact on our workforce, our long-term sustainability, and increase our desirability as a place to live.


Affordable Healthcare for All

The Affordable Care Act and Access Health CT have expanded coverage to American and Connecticut residents, providing care to people without access to private insurance or with pre-existing conditions. We must fight to preserve these programs in the face of a hostile federal administration, and strengthen them here at the state level.

I have spoken with hundreds of voters across the district, and many of us have had unexpected lapses in our coverage or unforeseen healthcare expenses, and steep increases in premium costs. Identifying unnecessary costs from providers and exploring a single-payer system or public option will make Connecticut a desirable place to live and work, and help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop and attract a skilled workforce.


Support for Seniors to Age Well in Our Communities

Connecticut is the 7th oldest state in the country. We boast hearty, independent Yankees, over 80% of whom are aging in their own homes in the same communities they’ve lived for decades. But our state's mostly suburban districts were designed as automobile dependent, single family households that have become increasingly difficult for older retirees to heat, manage during winter storms, navigate stairs in and out of, and financially sustain.

As our need for long-term services and support with daily living, health needs and social contact increases, we discover there is NO ‘user-friendly’ system for accessing services like transportation to appointments, social and recreational activities, grocery shopping and meal preparation, attending worship services, obtaining help with health needs, daily living, etc. Yet even as aging neighbors become less able to manage, self-administer, supervise and pay for outside help, the need for in-home long-term supports skyrockets. Who will help navigate these services and protect retirees from exploitation and neglect? We need to collaborate as towns, communities and as a state to coordinate the gaps and myriad of costly service options to support ‘aging well’ in place, which ultimately saves CT big money in long-term care costs in institutional spending.

We’re all aging, and have loved ones who already need long-term care and supports, why not show how its done here in CT! We can find solutions to age well in our CT home neighborhoods (see CT’s Livable Communities initiative, Public Act 13-109) and can build on CT’s goal to establish a Long Term Services and Supports system that offers people the services and supports of their choice in the least restrictive, most enhancing, community inclusion opportunity. Let’s model what ‘Aging Well At Home’ looks like!

Modernization of our Transportation Infrastructure

Nothing will move our economy forward and attract residents like a modern transportation infrastructure. Our trains are outdated and unreliable, and our highway system is completely overburdened. The lack of viable transportation throughout and beyond our state does incalculable damage to our economy, prohibiting us from competing with neighboring New York and Massachusetts.

We must pass and enforce a transportation “Lock Box,” which will ensure that all transportation revenue will go toward updating our infrastructure. We must also plan for electronic SMART tolls, which will provide additional and much-needed revenue source while allowing traffic to move swiftly and safely through tolling stations, and affording commuter residents reduced ‘commuter pass’ rates.