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Citzen-led change for Connecticut

Vote for change in Hartford. Join Anne in galvanizing community advocacy, neighbor-to-neighbor. She is a first-time candidate with a four decade history of advocacy, raising collective voices and standing up for what is right.

Proactive Solutions to CT's Challenges

Outraged? Get engaged. Anne is promoting unique solutions to our fiscal, health and workforce challenges. With so much uncertainty at the federal level and Connecticut at risk of becoming a red state, she believes we must “turn our collective outrage into citizen engagement.” Contact Anne anytime on her cell phone at (203) 613-4040 or by emailing  

Aspectuck News: Anne Hughes receives Democratic nomination for 135th District

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About Anne Hughes

Anne Hughes is running to be the next State Representative of the 135th District of Easton, Weston and part of Redding.

 Anne with one of her mentors, Sister Rosemary McSorley, S.H.C.J., immigrants rights lawyer and trailblazer

Anne with one of her mentors, Sister Rosemary McSorley, S.H.C.J., immigrants rights lawyer and trailblazer

Anne has decades of experience with community building and leading non-profits into fiscal, mission-driven viability. Some of her experience includes:

  • Coordinator with the the Center for Elder Abuse Prevention at Jewish Senior Services for the 10 towns in lower Fairfield County. 
  • Serving on Easton’s Commission on Aging.  
  • Fieldwork at Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging, working with policy makers and community providers at the Capitol to prepare the workforce and resources needed for CT’s aging constituency. 
  • Manager with Fairfield County non-profit CLASP for 12 years, which provides homes and supports for adults with autism and intellectual disabilities. 
  • Co-Director with Silver Lake Conference Center for 11 years, a youth camp and retreat center for all ages in Sharon, CT, supported by the CT Conference of the United Church of Christ. 

  • Anne was born and raised in Fairfield as one of five daughters of public school educators Phil and Kay Meiman. She recognizes the crucial role that access to good quality public education and affordable higher education play in securing CT’s future. 

As a political organizer and artist, Anne has led and participated in hundreds of rallies with pithy signs for human rights, gender and wage gap, worker’s rights, disability rights, affordable housing, racial justice, peace, immigrant rights, nuclear disarmament, and climate policy since she was old enough to pull a red wagon with stacks of newspapers and recycling from her neighbors’ porches.

Anne has faith in CT’s future. She has first-hand experience with the resources and strategies that could drive CT’s economic future, make this a desirable place to live and work for CT’s graduates and young families, and a better place to retire for its long-time citizens. 

A CT can-do attitude can model what transition to renewable energy, environmental sustainability, investment in first-class public transportation, equitable tax reform, education cost-sharing, and student loan relief to CT’s workers looks like-to the rest of the country. Anne is enthusiastic about working with this team of other proactive Democrats who pledge to collaborate to implement smart, long-term policy to work for everyone.